College Leadership

College Leadership

Guiding Occidental into the 21st century and beyond, our leaders continue to strengthen the College's position as one of the best colleges in the country.

Together, the Board of Trustees and President Jonathan Veitch oversee ongoing improvements to Oxy’s facilities and academic opportunities as part of the College’s overall strategic vision. Their efforts keep Oxy at the forefront of the liberal arts.

Alongside them, the Dean of the College Jorge Gonzalez carries out his job as chief academic officer with verve and gusto. Active on campus, Jorge is a personable and outspoken advocate for Oxy’s particular style of experiential and independent learning. In partnership with the Faculty Council, he ensures that our curriculum meets the highest academic standards and adheres to the best of the liberal arts traditions of critical thinking, writing, and cultural engagement.

Students also have a strong hand in shaping the college’s future. Their voices are heard, and their ideas always welcome. President Veitch meets regularly with the president of the Associated Students of Occidental College (ASOC) to discuss students’ concerns and latest ideas.

The glue that holds the operation together, our administrators in offices across campus ensure that Oxy continues to function and thrive, every day, every year.