We're pedaling as fast as we can.

Oxy is built on the side of a hill, but that hasn't discouraged our bicyclists from building a flourishing community. From the heart of the beast—the parking structure tucked under Rangeview Hall—the Bike Cage is a focal point for campus cyclists.

The search for automotive alternatives is nothing new at Oxy. For more than 40 years, the student-run Bengal Bus have provided students with no- and low-cost transportation in the local community, L.A. airports, and all over town.

Students over the age of 18 also have the option of reserving one of two Zipcars on campus for quick zips around town. And everyone has the opportunity to plug into public transit, including buses and light rail.

About one-quarter of the college vehicle fleet is made up of electric vehicles, including President Veitch's official car.