Martha Matsuoka, Associate Professor, Urban & Environmental Policy Institute. 

Student Initiatives

Student Initiatives

Say hello to Big Red, Thor, Mary-Lou, Delilah, and Madge.

These five chickens are the clucking heart of Oxy's student garden organized, sustained, and composted by the Food, Energy and Sustainability Team. FEAST is a student club dedicated to studying and enjoying the connection between food and the environment by growing produce and poultry in the garden on the north side of campus.

Looking out for the alternative transportation end of things is Bike Share, which runs the Bike Cage in the Rangeview Hall parking structure and offers bike repairs, repair lessons, bike rentals, and two-wheeled camaraderie.

Supporting broad institutional change is the ASOC Renewable Energy & Sustainability Fund, established by students to help fund projects that make Oxy a more sustainable community. Any member of the Oxy community can apply for up to $10,000 to support a sustainability project; at least 50 percent of the grant must go to permanent changes to the College’s infrastructure, buildings, or landscaping. The fund is supported by a $10 per semester student fee.