This year's 115th plenary meeting of the United Nations General Assembly 66th session. UN Photo by Eskinder Debebe

Oxy at the UN

Oxy at the UN

Changing the world isn't just a good idea, it's an obligation.

Every year, up to 16 highly qualified students receive an in-depth education on our 21st-century global community by directly participating in The William and Elizabeth Kahane United Nations Program at Occidental College (Oxy at the UN). Oxy at the UN, under the guidance of seasoned staff — including former UN personnel — is one of the few programs of its kind for undergraduates.

During the fall semester, when the General Assembly is in session, students head to New York City, where they take two courses in international issues and an independent study seminar , all while interning full time at a UN-related agency.

If it sounds challenging, that’s because it is. Students hustle to and from internships between their studies while learning to handle the fast-paced atmosphere of Manhattan. They ride the train and learn the grid. Navigate the unique character of yet another sprawling urban center.

Our UN students are our most capable and ambitious. They go from working on sustainable education strategies in Haiti to working in community organizations. They study human rights and counterterrorism and pursue advanced degrees. They go on to careers at the UN, in community organizations, NGOs, and in the private and public sectors. They take on leadership roles wherever they may find them. They are active global citizens.

Are you?