Janet Sanchez ’16 studied abroad in Cuzco, Peru. Her photo received Honorable Mention in the 2016 IPO photo contest.

International Programs

International Programs

Oxy students are culturally aware, often multilingual, and great at packing. We put those talents to work here and abroad.

International Programs is home to a variety of eye- and world-opening opportunities that encourage you to engage with other cultures and strengthen your life skills. Whether you hail from Pasadena or Phnom Penh, Oxy pushes you to explore your academic interests in new environments. Know the world more fully, as well as your role in it.

Oxy’s research and study abroad programs foster intensive cross-cultural learning and collaboration through language and cultural immersion, independent fieldwork, and community-based learning projects.

The U.N. Program places students in New York for a fast-paced semester designed to teach future leaders to think about, advocate for, and work toward a more just global society.

Students come to Oxy from all over the world, each contributing their unique perspective to our ongoing conversation.